Simple, safe, and effective.

Unmask Your Best Skin.

Choose from our targeted line of Moisture Therapy Sheet Masks to easily treat troublesome skin concerns.

Transform Your Complexion.

Refresh and hydrate your skin for a more radiant, healthy-looking glow in as little as 10 minutes. Each sheet mask works as a targeted treatment to bring dry, dehydrated, or dull skin back to its beautiful prime. 

Natural Plant Extracts

Infused with natural plant extracts for a supercharged boost in antioxidant and nourishing benefits.
Hydrates & Seals

Moisturizing ingredients and multi-weight hyaluronic acid replenish hydration and repair the skin's moisture barrier.
Skin Safety Tested

Suitable for all skin types, biodegradable silk mask, no artificial fragrances or dyes, no animal testing or byproducts.

Gentle Formulations. Real Results.

We value ingredients with clinically proven records of safety and efficacy—which is why we integrate both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients into each of our formulations.